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Lift truck: Driving instead of replacing

… ALUGAS is always at your side

The mobile source of energy always on board – forklift drivers appreciate ALUGAS cylinders because they weigh less, which increases the vehicles' efficiency. Getting ahead and making greater progress with ALUGAS cylinders.

Specifically for the industrial sector and the retail trade: With our ALUGAS collar cylinders (14 kg) your forklift will have a considerably increased service life – 27 % longer.

With ALUGAS, less cylinder changes are necessary, therefore you're reducing your demand of cylinders and the associated capital lock-up.

Saving costs with ALUGAS
... making a large difference with little effort!

Annual cost saving:
1 forklift = € 125
2 forklifts = € 251
3 forklifts = € 390
5 forklifts = € 641


All technical data are approximate specifications.

ALUGAS collar cylinder 11 kg Technical data
Water volume 27,2 L
Propane filling weight 11,4 kg
Butane filling weight 13,3 kg
Tare weight 5,8 kg
Height of valve top edge -
Height of collar top edge 597 mm
Diameter 300 mm

ALUGAS collar cylinder 14 kg Technical data
Water volume 33,3 L
Propane filling weight 14,0 kg
Butane filling weight 16,3 kg
Tare weight 6,7 kg
Height of valve top edge -
Height of collar top edge 688 mm
Diameter 300 mm

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