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Caravan holiday-makers love their independence. The ALUGAS-TRAVEL Mate cylinder is the perfect mobile energy supplier for everyone who wishes to travel without worries. The lightweight among gas cylinders is not replaced but simply refilled – all around the globe. The filling level can be read quite easily and a remote display in the vehicle interior can be retrofitted.

Please note that tank cylinders have an inspection period of 10 years!

» If you're interested in this product or if you have any questions, please refer to our gas expert, Karin Nöfer


All technical data are approximate specifications.

TRAVEL Mate 11 kg Technical data
Water volume 27,2 L
Propane filling weight 11,4 kg
Butane filling weight 13,3 kg
Tare weight 6,6 kg
Height of valve top edge 557 mm
Height of collar top edge 597 mm
Diameter 300 mm

TRAVEL Mate 14 kg Technical data
Water volume 33,3 L
Propane filling weight 14,0 kg
Butane filling weight 16,3 kg
Tare weight 7,5 kg
Height of valve top edge 648 mm
Height of collar top edge 688 mm
Diameter 300 mm

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